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Microwave Baked Potato Bag

Perfectly cooked baked potato in just 4 minutes! The bag creates a steam pocket distributing heat evenly resulting in a perfectly cooked baked potato with tender skin and fluffy insides in just minutes. All you have to do, is decide what filling to add. Designed to hold up to 4 large potatoes, the bag is totally reusable and machine washable, and is good for several uses before it needs cleaned. Not just for baking potatoes though; with this versatile accessory, you can have freshly and evenly cooked corn on the cob, yams, sweet potatoes, carrot chunks, squash and more. Freshen up day old bread or warm up tortillas or muffins without drying them out.

Size: 9.8” x 8.7” (25cm x 22cm)
Color: Red
Material: Food Grade Cotton Quilt Fiber
Usage: Microwave baked potato bag
Contents: Microwave potato baking bag
Certification: CE/EU, CIQ
Weight: 1oz (30g)
Features: Microwave safe, machine washable

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